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Study about the current state of digitalisation in the public sector

Digital transformation has become a major force of change, reshaping the way we live, work and communicate year after year. It also challenges the status quo in public administrations in many ways − from the COVID-19 vaccine to taxation. So, how can we enhance its chances of success and ensure a good outcome of the ongoing digital progress? This study aims to survey the current state of digital transformation in the public sector from a multinational and comparative perspective. Focus countries are Central and Northern Europe.
Actionable insights

Actionable insights

This study aims to capture these topics from a more actionable perspective, combining an academically sound approach with insights from extensive consulting practice. As a result, we hope to inform the public dialogue with actionable insights. Thereby we provide valuable decision support to legislators, decision-makers (political and administrative executives), and influencers in the public sector.

Take part in an international survey

With this survey, we want to learn more about why and how digital transformation actually works in the public sector.

The survey is closed. The study, incl. results, is expected to be published at the end of February 2023.


This international study is conducted by AWK Group, with King's College London's International School for Government acting as academic advisor.


First interview

In the middle of July the first interview was conducted. – Who would you like to have featured? We have still some slots available for executives and digital doers.
Workshops in August/September

Preparations for our workshops started in June, by the beginning of July three workshop topic were selected, namely: Public Value Networks, Data Driven Government, Digital Ethics. The workshops are planned in August/September – interested subject matter experts are welcome to participate!

In the middle of May we launched our website as well as the survey. The survey - that makes up an integral part of our study - is now available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish (Dutch in preparation). For a per country breakdown in the study report we need 20-50 completed surveys. Currently, the number of participants from countries within the OECD are still well below expectations.
AWK Group

  • Founded in 1986
  • More than 400 employees
  • Over 4'000 successfully completed projects for more than 400 companies from all economic sectors
  • Over 630 new project orders in 2020
  • 89% recommendation rate among our customers
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King's College

  • The International School for Government is a school of executive education within King's faculty of Social Sciences and Public Policy
  • Founded in 1829, King's is the fourth oldest university in England
  • King's has over 8'500 employees
  • One of the top 10 UK universities in the world for societal impact (The University Impact Rankings, 2020)
  • King's ranked among top 5 universities for environmental and social impact
  • King's students come from over 150 countries worldwide
  • In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) King's was ranked 6th nationally in the ‘power’ ranking, which takes into account both the quality and quantity of research activity
  • King's university is in the top seven UK universities for research earnings and has an overall annual income of just over £778 million

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Project Team

Martina Stüssi, Catrina Bur, Mireille van Kol, Bodo Forstmann

Marc Raum
Marc Raum
Senior Manager,
AWK Group

Reporting Concerns and Complaints

We are concerned about the safety, rights and welfare of all individuals participating in this research project. We take all research concerns or complaints that are reported to us very seriously. Please fill out and submit the Research Concerns and Complaints Reporting Form to share your concern or complaint with the study oversight.


Steering Committee

The study steering committee is overlooking the work of the project team in an guiding capacity. The steering committee is organized by AWK and made up of one person of AWK and one of ISfG.
Adrian Wägli
Adrian Wägli
Partner, AWK Group
Andrew Massey
Andrew Massey
Academic Director, International School for Government, King's College London

Advisory board

Our study thrives from having a broad and diverse perspective. To this end, an advisory board of recognized experts and doers of digital transformation for the public sector provides non-binding advice.
Alexander Downer
Alexander Downer
Executive Chairman of International School for Government, King's College London
Dr. Peter Grünenfelder
Dr. Peter Grünenfelder
Director, Avenir Suisse
Olga Siemers
Olga Siemers
Lecturer in Public Policy, King's College London


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